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About Us

About Us  | Peacock Bail Bonds  - Dublin, CA

At a trying time, you need help from the best bail bond agent available. Peacock Bail Bonds is a professional bail bonds service company serving the entire Dublin, CA, area. We have been providing exceptional bail bonds service to local residents and those imprisoned in the local jails since 1982. This vast experience allows us to work quickly through the system and help secure you, or your loved one, release as quickly as possible.

We know the ins and outs of the court system and understand exactly what is needed in order to secure you or your loved one’s release from jail. We also provide 24/7 services because you never know when an incident will land you, or a loved one, in jail and we believe you should not have to wait until the morning to get out. While the legal system can be quite confusing, we take the time to explain the process to you, so you understand exactly what is happening and when you or your loved one will be released.

If you need bail to get yourself, or a loved one, out of jail, call Peacock Bail Bonds agency immediately. We will take down all of the necessary information, set up payment terms, and work quickly to have you or your loved one released from jail.